Editing services

Hi, if you’ve edited your work as much as you can and friends have given you all the information they are capable of, you can look at being professionally edited. The costs vary and the quality of editing varies as well.

I’ve had my work edited through The Story Mint and find them to be of very high quality:

” Appraisals and professional feedback on your writing

If you would like a proven professional writer to do an appraisal of your novel or short story our rates are below:

Scripts up to 5,000 words – $100US
Scripts up to 10,000 words – $175US

Scripts up to 25,000 words $375US
Scripts up 85,000 words – $600US

Our next monthly newsletter will feature one of our assessors.

Please Note: This service is for members only.


Contact The Story Mint for more information “


I suggest, however, you also take a look at the book mentioned below via the link and edit yourselfusing it as a excellent  guide. I’ve read it four times and it is one of the best books around on editing. Reading it and putting it into practice will reduce your editing costs in the long run:



The author, Renni Browne, also has an editing service. But since I have never used it I can not vouch for it, but take a look anyway and decide for yourself: 



Hope all this information helps all you writers out there!

Mat Clarke



About matclarke

Writing became a hobby at the age of ten, boredom being a great catalyst. Whenever I had an idea I would put words to paper until something interesting was produced. I have always loved dreaming up and writing new stories. I wrote from the age of 10 and also built or designed unusual contraptions and created tools for working with assorted wood products. Creativity has always been my thing, however, no other person within my extended family harbours this same creative gene, so I always assumed I was odd rather than artistic. My non-fiction work has been inspired by my letter writing to government bodies and assorted companies, either to request information on a current associated issue or to offer a solution to an ongoing problem with (if a local government) traffic, public transport, spending, banks, etc. And (if a company) an idea for the product so that it could become better accepted by consumers, or in some cases, healthier for consumers. In December 2009 I came across a story I had begun a month earlier but so far written only a single page. I read it again and realised the story was not only interesting but also had the effect of creating excitement as to what would happen next. I immediately decided this could be a great beginning to a piece which could become my first full length novel, Wake (working title). The idea for Wake was born from a writing retreat on the outskirts of Bendigo, Australia. I had taken a break from punching keys on my laptop and walked from the small cabin into the night. Now standing in the silence with the tree canopy looming above, I watched the breeze adjust the leaves ever so slightly—barely enough to create a rustling. It was a creepy, lonely night; isolating beyond anything I had experienced. I smiled. An idea seeded: What would it be like to wake in the middle of nowhere with no memories and no idea of how you came to be there. Wake, is my first completed novel and I am currently 45,000 words into its sequel. I am also editing, Citylife, my second completed novel, and finished writing my third novel, Blue, whilst on a return trip from the US where I visited for book research. You’re welcome to have a read of some of my short stories on my website. Let me know if you liked them. In addition, my writing group and I have completed two anthology of short stories, with another to be completed in April. See my website for more information.
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