Free Book Launch Melbourne, Brighton

“WTF Is Happening With My Life?”


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Join the hilariously honest Jacqueline at Brighton library
as she guides you through her journey of getting her sh*t together!

2.00pm – Drinks and nibbles
2.30pm – Author talk with Jacqueline
3.00pm – Book signing
4.00pm – Event close.

For the launch only, all attendees can get Jacqueline’s debut novel at a special discounted price of $25!

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More writing in NYC

When you’re in a very large city such as New York, there are many places to go for many different things you may want to do. The main places I look for are writing places. 

Here’s one I found today. 

Today I’m working on a few different things. 

Mostly I want to start on a sequel to my second novel to get it underway and work out where I want to go with it. 

I also still have to finish editing my third novel. Finish writing my sequel to my first. And finish writing many others I began that never had time to get back to. Most sit around 5,000 to 30,000 words. So still lots to do. 

I like writing many things at the one time. It means you can change from writing one novel to the next. Write a short story. Work an idea for the future and many other bits and pieces. 

Keep the brain ticking over, and nothing can go wrong 😉 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 084

There once was a plane named Mr Crashy. It flew flew real high then real low and got caught in a little boy’s chocolate coated Taffy. 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 083

Two turnips tried to turn their trunks to the tall tree tumbling green leaves from its weeping thin green branches some touching the earth while others tangled with the turnip’s head of green sprouts that would soon mark if for picking and morph its life from growth to nutrition even if the gopher took bites and stole it from the farm hands which it would because it was there now.
The turnips screamed.

The tree shuddered. 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 082

A large man with a wide mouth sat on a stump outside his house. When asked, he replied that inside his bedroom a ghost haunted him in a pink blouse. It oinks and trots about, keeping me up all night, the only peace I get is on this stump here out. 
Still to this day the champion bacon fryer of that town, sits out front while the pig ghost scampers and trots on about. 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 081

I saw someone look though the window. White and soft. 
I leapt through the the glass. It hurt a bit, but was in consequential. I bit into the human. It screamed. It tasted funny, like food, but also energy.

When it went quiet, the taste become sour. I went to another and it tasted better. I did this a lot when we found the new place.

I wanted to ask our leaders why we were doing what we were doing, but they said it was forbidden. 

I hope we are doing the right thing in creating a new place for our children. They are all I have. 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 079

The gods stared down at the world they ruled and muttered between themselves.
The humans, although short lived, were becoming violent and warred endlessly. It had been the gods’ will that the humans obey and trust their laws and be passive. They had decided not to listen. Soon they may even try and war against them. 

It would be easy to snuff them from this existence, but instead the gods decided that a hard lesson would be better.

The gods spoke through a lowly priest, and their words were passed onto the people. All children under ten years of age would be given over to the gods.

The gods decided that this was proper punishment for disobedience. Also, if the humans did not learn, then they would at least have new willing and young students to teach. 

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