Cheap writing competition

Easy to win as well.

Basically you write and edit, then submit.

Sounds easy, right?

But it also has to be an interesting story with a full story arc, compelling characters and good flow. With short stories you need to also begin close to the action scene and ending. This is because you have very little space to write your story. In this case it is 2,500 words.

Lucky this one only costs $5 and not many people enter, making it very easy for you to win. Also, you will be entered into the 2018 anthology 🙂

Enter here:

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Breaking the Code Melbourne

Writers are nerds
6-7 October is nerd day
Breaking the Code Melbourne

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Writing competition last days

Last days of the writing competition.
If you get in the top 6 you will be included in the end of year anthology 🙂
Support us pleeeeeeeaaaaasssse
best authors
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Writing competition with feedback

Only $5 to enter, so won’t break the bank.
If you join the World Writers Collective website, then it is $15 for the year, and you get a free entry into each writing competition. So consider that if you like.
We also have our top five winners listed on the website from the previous competition. Why not have a read of their stories.
Explore the rest of the website as well and inform other writers about its existence (getting ourselves out there as writers can succeed as a joint effort).
There is also our dropbox if you would like to have your work edited for free by other writers.
You can view the dropbox via the link and read the READ ME file to find out more.
This is especially helpful if you are entering a writing competition and actually want to win.
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Free Book Launch Melbourne, Brighton

“WTF Is Happening With My Life?”


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Join the hilariously honest Jacqueline at Brighton library
as she guides you through her journey of getting her sh*t together!

2.00pm – Drinks and nibbles
2.30pm – Author talk with Jacqueline
3.00pm – Book signing
4.00pm – Event close.

For the launch only, all attendees can get Jacqueline’s debut novel at a special discounted price of $25!

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More writing in NYC

When you’re in a very large city such as New York, there are many places to go for many different things you may want to do. The main places I look for are writing places. 

Here’s one I found today. 

Today I’m working on a few different things. 

Mostly I want to start on a sequel to my second novel to get it underway and work out where I want to go with it. 

I also still have to finish editing my third novel. Finish writing my sequel to my first. And finish writing many others I began that never had time to get back to. Most sit around 5,000 to 30,000 words. So still lots to do. 

I like writing many things at the one time. It means you can change from writing one novel to the next. Write a short story. Work an idea for the future and many other bits and pieces. 

Keep the brain ticking over, and nothing can go wrong 😉 

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100 short fiction tales in 100 days. 084

There once was a plane named Mr Crashy. It flew flew real high then real low and got caught in a little boy’s chocolate coated Taffy. 

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